Chris                                                                Chairperson

Chris chairs committee meetings and is the landowner liaison for PEA. He has expertise in conservation and heritage techniques, but that doesn’t stop him trying out his bad 'dad' jokes when the inspiration hits him! 


ESTHER 1-01.png-01.jpg


Esther is our resident marine biologist, with an unusual mix of other interests: painting, plants, seaweeds and guinea-pigs to name a few! She never misses a chance to brew up a fresh round of teas!


Mike                                                            Design & Media

Mike is constantly kept on his toes capturing the bustle of activity during our volunteering events and workshops with his camera! He has a flair for design and loves to keep the team smiling!


Hayley is the quiet, contemplating member of the group. She is usually keeping an eye on what mischief the others are causing, and has a big thing for insects!


Volunteer Project Officer

Lianne found her passion for conserving the natural environment and wildlife within it through her zoology degree. She's big on personality despite her small stature.




Manon                                                                     Volunteer Project Officer

Manon joined PEA to develop practical skills in nature conservation and sustainability. She loves bees, honey,
and can easily be spotted cycling through Plymouth with her red polka dotted helmet.


julz new icon-01.png

Committee Member

Julz exudes happiness when outdoors so much so that brambles find her completely irresistible, she never misses a chance for a laugh.


Health and Safety
                                                                               Pete's main interests lies in health and safety and tools maintenance. He enjoys learning about nature and meeting new friends!


Friends of PEA